Japanese Posters

Clawmark Toys has long been a top supplier of original, authentic Japanese posters, and we’ve got incredible finds in stock here on our new website! From classic Showa Godzilla and Gamera to Japanese horror and more, find what you’re looking for below!

NOTE: All our posters are Japanese. We do not sell knock offs or mass printed/reproductions.

Japanese posters come in the following primary sizes (inches):

Two Sheet, B1 – measures 29″ x 40″ – these are the big, impressive theatrical posters

One Sheet, B2 – measures 20″ x 29″ – this is the most common theatrical poster size

Nakazuri, B3 – measures 14″ x 20″ – smaller for indoor advertisement

Speed, B4 – measures 10″ x 29″ – half the size (vertically) of B2 poster

Chirashi, B5 approx. 7″ 10″ inches – small promo posters